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How Not to Talk to the Police (satire)




Assassinated by Psychopath Cops, John William Wasn't Even Facing Officer When Shot


Racial Profiling Caught on Camera, Detained, Searched for not Saying Howdy


Thug Cops Break Into Man's Home With Battering Ram for a Misdemenor in Florida


Butthurt Cop Stages Fake Arrest of Boy For Having Sex With Stepdaughter in San Jose


Policeman Left Drunk Man to Die in Cold, Lies About it


Charges for Police Thugs Using Tazer 13 Times on Man in Sydney, Aus.


Police Threaten to Kill Pastor for License Plate Light Out


State Trooper Brutally Attacks Woman in Dallas


Busted by YouTube: Video Proves Cop is a Liar in New York


Amputee is Beaten, Has Leg Ripped Off by Cops in Toronto




Cop Quits After False Arrest is Caught on Tape


"This ain't Canada", Bully Cops Living in G20 Land


Pregnant Woman Tackled By Police on Her Way to Hospital After Running Red Light


Homeowned Arrested for "Illegal Photography" Inside Own Home in Houston


Police Claim No Law Needed to Stop Photography in UK


Thug Cops Break Into Man's Home, Terrorize and Wrongfully Arrest Him


Four Journalists File Complaints Over G20 Arrests, One Threatened With Rape


Former Cop Faces 63 Count Criminal Complaint


Psychopath Cops Use Tazer on 86 Year Old Bedridden Grandmother


Cop Rapes Woman in his Patrol Car in Anderson




Cops Harass Two Men Open Carrying in Maryville


Police Assassinate "Mentally Ill" Woman in Placerville


Scofflaw Cop Parks by Fire Lane in Placerville


Lying US Marshall Files Contradicting Affidavits


Police Shoot Man for Pulling Cell Phone in Pinole


Cop Thugs Illegally Sieze Cannabis Legalization Petitions, Terrorize Kids


Cop Parks in Handicap Space, Threatens Photographer


Thug Cops Beat Man to Death With Baseball Bat


3 Year Veteran Accused of Attempted Rape in North Las Vegas


Psycho Cops Taze and Beat Autistic Teen




Hundreds of 'Pot Plants' Seized by Cops Aren't Cannabis


Woman Executed by Thug Cops for Defending Home in Yuba City


Italian Police Get Up to 5 Years for Violent G8 Attack


NYPD Officer Secretly Records Colleagues and Superiors, Exposes Mass Corruption!


Police Show Interest a Month Later after Beaten Man's Family Contacts Media in Regina


RCMP Execute Immigrant Within 25 Seconds of Arrival in Vacouver


Use of RCMP Tasers Increase Dramatically, Records Show


Attorney Says Video Shows Police Shot Into Detroit Home


Sleeping 7 Year Old Shot During Home Search in Detroit


Cop Bullies Arrest Man for Filming in Public in New Jersey




Police Chief Faces Misconduct Charges in West Pelzer, S.C.


White Cop Confesses He Shot Himself, Invented Black Assailant in Philadelphia


DMV Says Cop Broke Laws During 100 MPH Pursuit in North Hampton


Police Officer Arrested in Drug Case in Fort Lauderdale


State Police Officer Arrested in Farmington


Fed Marshals Violate DHS Policy in Allentown, PA


Cop Sentenced for Lying to FBI in Boston


Lab Tech Suspended for Falsifying Drug Tests in New York


Probe Uncovers Inhumane Abuse in Prisons - Susanville


Cop Accused of Lying to FBI in Chicago




Officer Accused of Beating Faces New Charges in Pittsburgh


Officer in Stomping Video Identified in Seattle


Cop Helps Rob Drug Dealers in New York


Scofflaw Cop Under Investigation Again in Daytona Beach


After Torture Scandal, Former Detective on Trial for Perjury in Chicago


Thug Cops Execute Child With Taser in Eugene


Drug Dealing Extortionist Sherriff Faces Life in Prison in Colombia, S.C.


Policeman Accused of Aggrivated Assault in Road Rage in Pittsburgh


Airport Cop and TSA Worker Steal Pizza, Punch Clerk in Detroit


Cop Indicted for Brutalizing Teen in Newark




Cop Arrested for DWI in New Orleans


NYPD Cop Found Guilty Thanks to Citizen Video


Covering 'Tainted Justice' and Winning a Pulitzer - Philadelphia


Are Cops More Criminal Than Criminals? (duh)


Cop Pleads Guilty to Incest in Vancouver


3 Officers Indicted in Teens' Kidnappings in Baltimore


Thug Cops Tazer Boy With Broken Back 19 Times in Missouri


Cops Execute US Marine on Porch Steps in Deleware


Couple Arrested for Asking for Directions in Baltimore


An Encounter with Coburn of the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department